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Advancing Childhood Learning and Growth in Chatswood

Eikoh's local Roseville Kindergarten offers an enriched and diverse learning environment tailored to meet the needs of families living in Chatswood. We warmly welcome children aged 3-6 years in our daycare centre, which perfectly mirrors Chatswood's vibrant and multicultural atmosphere.

Our dedicated team of childhood educators is passionate about cultivating a love for learning in every child. In our Roseville preschool, we value the input of every parent and child to create an engaging and interactive play-based curriculum that meets the needs of every child. Our team of experienced educators near Chatswood create a stimulating and safe space for children to express themselves, ask questions, and explore their unique passions and interests.

Our state-of-the-art facility comprises two carefully designed learning spaces, each led by our highly skilled Early Childhood Educators who work to ensure every child gains an enriching (and age-specific) learning experience.

Roseville Kindergarten
Roseville Kindergarten

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Cultivating Curiosity and Learning Near Chatswood

For Chatswood families, our Roseville Kindergarten is conveniently located and easily accessible through multiple transport options. Just 2 kilometres from the centre of Chatswood, our daycare is an easy 5-minute drive, a pleasant 20-minute walk, or reachable by bus or train. Despite being situated in the heart of Roseville and Chatswood, our centre offers a serene and peaceful learning oasis where children can concentrate on enjoying their unique learning journey.

Our two spacious classrooms and large outdoor areas are designed to inspire exploration, creative expression, and growth. They reflect Chatswood's energetic and dynamic spirit, offering children a wide variety of resources and activities that keep them engaged and motivated to learn.

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