The Role of Inclusive Practices in Childcare (with Examples)

If you’ve spent enough time perusing online parenting forums, then you will have come across the notion of inclusive practices in childcare. Inclusive practices in childcare are more than a buzzword, it’s a commitment to removing barriers and promoting a learning environment that facilitates the best outcome for all young learners. Understanding the role of…
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The Benefits Of Sensory Play For Children

Children love to play, to touch, to see, to smell. Always interacting with the world around them, children are using their senses to learn what that world has to offer. The benefits of sensory play for children are so important because it directly correlates with their developmental learning. What is Sensory Play? Sensory play is…
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Types of Play for Early Childhood Development

Play is an integral part of early childhood development — but while it is (literally) all fun and games for children, play is also a key component of development that factors into fostering social, cognitive, and motor skills.  Studies have shown that as children grow, learn about their environment, and develop their abilities, children start…
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Boy playing in water

The Benefits Of Water Play For Children

Studies conducted since the early 1980s have shown that exposing children to different forms of water play under supervision can be extremely beneficial for their development and help them understand new concepts about their environment.  It sounds simple, but water – whether it be in the bath, in the pool, out of sprinklers, or even…
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woman giving her kids a high five

School Readiness – Preparing the Transition to School

School ‘readiness’ refers to how prepared your child is for school – preparation for transition from Kindy or daycare into primary school is essential for giving children the best possible start to their education and school live. While preschool and kindergarten will set a comfortable foundation for your child’s introduction to learning, their day to…
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woman entering what seems to be a classroom while facing and holding a little girl as they walk

Tips for Preparing Your Child for Their First Day of Daycare

One of the biggest things we’ve noticed as a childcare provider is that many parents often end up frazzled and understandably emotional when it’s time for their little ones to start daycare.  It’s a big step for parents and children alike, which is why making the right preparations for the first day of daycare is…
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