West Ryde Early Learning Centre

West Ryde Long Day Care

West Ryde Long Day Care is a licensed multicultural centre providing exceptional care and education for children aged 0-6 years. In our centre, we have created a safe, welcoming, and stimulating environment, supporting active learning, exploration, and growth. We are committed to helping children develop vital cognitive, social, and emotional skills to prepare them for primary school and beyond.

We strongly believe in the importance of collaboration in children's development and always incorporate parents' input and feedback to create tailored programs that cater to the best interest of every child. Our experienced team of early childhood educators are dedicated to celebrating the rich diversity of our community, fostering a multicultural environment, and supporting the unique needs of every child and every family.

West Ryde Long Day Care Centre
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Cultivating a Love for Learning and Exploration

At West Ryde Long Day Care Centre, we recognise the importance of fostering children's physical, social, and emotional development and laying solid foundations for future success. Through our tailored programs and various experiences, activities, and peer-to-peer interactions, our day care centre cultivates personal growth, exploration, and a lifelong love for learning.

Incorporating the Early Years Learning Framework, Emergent Curriculum, and invaluable parental feedback into our play-based programs ensures the best possible care and learning experience for every child. Creating a robust connection between day care and home fosters the optimal learning environment and creates a class of energetic, excited, and active learners.

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Inclusive and Empowering Child Care in West Ryde

Ideally located in West Ryde, NSW, our day care centre follows a customised play-based curriculum that embraces the concept of "Belonging, Being, and Becoming". We foster active learning and encourage children to learn through exploration and interaction with their peers.

Our qualified educators create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that empowers children to try new activities, create new experiences, make new friends, and reach their potential. Our day care facility includes spacious classrooms and outdoor areas to facilitate a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups do you cater to at the West Hyde Long Day Care Centre?

Our day care centre comprises of four classrooms, each running comprehensive learning programs and led by qualified early childhood educators. We cater to children aged 0-6 years, broken down as follows:


  1. The Joeys Room for 0-2 years
  2. The Jungle Room for 2-3 years
  3. The Star Room for 3-4 years
  4. The Rainbow Room for 4-6 years


This structure allows us to cater to the unique needs of every child and provide customised, age-appropriate care and education to support their development and growth.


What services are included in the enrolment fee? 

At West Ryde Long Day Care Centre, we take a holistic approach and look after children's physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. As well as a structured and customised curriculum, we supply children with all their meals, disposable nappies for our younger classes, and Cancer Council's Kids 50+ sunscreen.

Our qualified cook prepares five nutritionally balanced meals daily: breakfast, morning tea, hot lunch, afternoon tea, and late afternoon tea. In collaboration with the Munch & Move NSW Health Initiative, we educate and promote healthy eating and practice physical activity through our play-based experiences.

Our centre is nut-aware, we cater for all dietary requirements, and we request that children only bring in food or drinks that maintains a safe environment for everyone.


How do you keep parents informed about children's progress? 

At West Ryde Long Day Care Centre, we prioritise trust, transparency, and clear communication with parents. The dedicated custom Eikoh App, a secure mobile-based platform, is the best way for us to keep parents updated on their child's development and progress. Our educators use the app to share photos, videos, stories, activities, and reflections in real-time, ensuring that parents feel connected to their child's learning.

The Eikoh app also allows parents to respond to posts, communicate directly with us, upload their media, and keep up to date on important announcements. We also use email, newsletters, and progress reports distributed twice a year to ensure every parent is updated and informed.

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