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Encouraging Growth and Exploration in Willoughby

Perfectly positioned to serve the families of Willoughby, Eikoh's Roseville Kindergarten aims to provide a beacon of excellence in early education. We are proud to offer the vibrant Willoughby community with an interactive and welcoming learning environment for children aged 3-6 years. At Eikoh, we are determined to provide local children in the area with a safe space to develop and grow - both academically and personally.

Our team of passionate early childhood educators work with parents to nurture the curiosity and creativity of every child in line with National Quality Standards. Understanding every child's unique interests, learning styles, and strengths - our educators carefully design educational programs that keep children deeply engaged in meaningful learning experiences. By incorporating the valuable insights of parents into our curriculum, we offer enriching, personalised, and inclusive learning experiences for all children.

Our Roseville day-care centre has two dedicated classrooms - each run by dedicated Early Childhood Educators who are steadfast in providing age-specific education and care to your children.

Roseville Kindergarten
Roseville Kindergarten

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A Holistic Approach to Childcare in Willoughby

Our Roseville childcare centre, nestled in the peaceful beauty of Sydney's Upper North Shore, offers Willoughby children an inspiring learning environment easily accessible via main roads and public transport. Located just 5 kilometres from the centre of Willoughby, the centre is a short 10-minute drive or reachable by bus or train.

Our two spacious classrooms, thoughtfully designed to encourage active learning and exploration, mirror Willoughby's vibrant and dynamic lifestyle. With access to open green areas and a range of recourses, we allow children to explore and express themselves creatively. At Eikoh's Roseville Kindergarten, we are committed to providing a stimulating and enriching learning experience that aligns with the needs and expectations of Willoughby families. In everything we do, we ensure to combine convenience with educational excellence.

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