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Nurturing the Future Leaders of Killara through Interactive Childcare

At Eikoh, we proudly provide innovative early childhood education to families in Sydney's Upper North Shore, including Killara. Parents in Killara seeking a vibrant learning environment for their children aged 2.5-6 years can find just what they're looking for at our St Ives Chase Kindergarten. Our unique approach to learning, promoting collaboration and exploration, seamlessly aligns with the Killara community spirit.

Under the diligent supervision of our seasoned educators, our Killara Daycare in St. Ives Chase fosters an atmosphere of exploration and creativity. Each individualised program we develop is tailored to the unique interests of your child, all assessed under the National Quality Standards. We take pride in creating an immersive learning environment that blends the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Emergent Curriculum.

Our experienced team of early childhood educators hold various qualifications, including Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Teaching, Diploma in Children's Services, and Certificate III in Children's Services. We provide an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for children with additional needs, collaborating with the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency to ensure every child in our Killara preschool thrives.

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Discovering and Exploring Every Day

Strategically located for Killara families, our St Ives Chase Kindergarten is easily accessible via major roads and by bus, making the journey easier for busy parents. Just 7km from the centre of Killara – our daycare centre is nestled amidst the beautiful serenity of Sydney's Upper North Shore but still close to the action.

Our St Ives Chase Kindergarten offers a nurturing environment with spacious classrooms and breathtaking outdoor spaces to explore. Here at Eikoh, we believe in the principles of "Belonging, Being, and Becoming" and facilitate interactive play-based learning. With every day bringing new opportunities to explore, children in our childcare centre will develop a love for the outdoors amongst the lush beauty of Killara and St Ives.

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