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Empowering Hornsby's Young Learners through Quality Childcare

Eikoh’s Normanhurst childcare centre is proud to cater to the vibrant community of Hornsby with our premium play-based preschool services. Serving children aged 0-6 years, we provide a dynamic, nurturing environment designed to stimulate growth, learning, and development. Our expert educators offer bespoke preschool programs that resonate with Hornsby's thriving spirit.

Our curriculum reflects a balance between family involvement and each child's unique interests, while strictly following the National Quality Standards. With specialised classrooms like the Possum Room (0-2 years), Koala Room (2-3 years), and Emu Room (3-6 years), our dedicated Kindergarten and Early Childhood Educators focus on offering quality education tailored to each age group.

Normanhurst Child Care
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Serving the Hornsby Community with Our Kindergarten

Strategically located to cater to families in Hornsby and the surrounding areas, Eikoh’s child care centre in Normanhurst is only two kilometres from Hornsby, making it easily accessible for parents in the area through major roads and public transport. Embodying Hornsby's lively energy, our Daycare Centre is situated amidst a tranquil setting, creating an engaging atmosphere for early childhood education.

Our purpose-built preschool facility mirrors the vibrant nature of Hornsby, including spacious classrooms and extensive outdoor spaces. The combination of expansive classrooms and access to the outdoor spaces facilitates a robust, interactive, and activity-driven curriculum that we are proud of. At Eikoh’s child care centre in Normanhurst, we are honoured to serve the families of Hornsby, offering comprehensive kindergarten and early childhood education services that complement parents’ hectic lifestyles.

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