The Costs of Child Care in Sydney – 2023 Guide

Costs of childcare

How much does child care cost in Sydney in 2023, and is there any way to help keep these costs manageable?

This question rings true for many busy working parents across Sydney looking for a safe and enriching environment for their children. It’s no small thing to raise a child, and the costs of childcare are a major concern for many households — even with both parents working full-time.

With four major childcare centres across Sydney, our team at Eikoh Seminar understands intimately the challenges that parents face when it comes to childcare. In this article, we’ll shed some light on the current cost of childcare in Sydney, how parents can take advantage of government schemes to keep it manageable, and what to expect when paying for childcare.

Table of Contents

  • Average childcare costs in Sydney 2023
  • Managing the cost of childcare in Sydney
    • Child Care Subsidy
    • Additional Child Care Subsidy
  • How much does daycare cost in Sydney?
  • What’s included in the cost of childcare?
  • Final thoughts

Average Childcare Costs in Sydney 2023

The average childcare fee in Sydney for centre-based childcare is between $150-$200 per day. According to the Department of Education’s Child Care Subsidy data report for the June 2023 quarter, the number of families using child care has been on a steady increase since last year, leading to higher demand and prices for quality child care.

Keep in mind that this estimate only takes the average hourly fee and average number of weekly hours, so depending on the childcare provider and how often you will need childcare services, you could expect to pay a lot more.

types of funding support available

Managing the Cost of Childcare in Sydney

As one of the highest on average compared to the rest of Australia’s states, Sydney’s childcare costs can weigh heavily on household finances, especially in large families. Most parents don’t have a choice when it comes to childcare due to working hours and the daily commute, which puts them in a difficult situation.

Thankfully, the Australian government has made funding available to families that need help mitigating the financial pressure of childcare, allowing them to give their children a safe place to learn and play without being too financially constrained.

There are two types of funding support available to parents: Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy.

Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a financial assistance program that helps to cover the cost of childcare partially. Instead of a flat amount, the subsidy amount is calculated based on your child’s age, the type of childcare they receive, how much you earn, and how long both you and your partner spend working or studying. This subsidy amount is then directly paid directly to your childcare provider, which they will then deduct from the childcare fees you pay.

The caveat is that CCS only applies to approved childcare providers, and because it is aimed at helping lower-income families, not everyone may be entitled to it.

Additional Child Care Subsidy

Some families may still struggle with the cost of child care, even with the help of CCS. The Additional Child Care Subsidy provides even more financial support for families that fall into this category and takes into account other factors, such as significant financial challenges and the availability of family members to provide primary care.

To find out how much Child Care Subsidy you may be entitled to, visit the Centrelink website. Application for Child Care Subsidy is also done via Centrelink.

How Much Does Daycare Cost in Sydney?

The cost of centre-based day care in Sydney can vary based on the child care provider, its location, and the age of your child, but in general fees can range between $100 to $180 per day.

Some child care centres also have different timeslots to cater to various types of schedules, so it’s a good idea always to check whether they match up with your own work or study timetables.

What's included in the cost of childcare

What’s Included in the Cost of Childcare?

One of the main reasons for the high cost of child care service is how comprehensive it is. Centre-based day care will typically include all that your child needs for the entire duration of the childcare timeslot, including but not limited to the following:

  • Meals (Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea)
  • Educational and Play Programs
  • Cleaning and Care (Nappies, Supervision)

Final Thoughts

For many parents, the value that childcare provides to not only their children but also their convenience and peace of mind make it worth paying for. It’s a service that benefits everyone, both you and your child.

At Eikoh Seminar, we believe in providing nothing less than the best quality childcare that your little one deserves. As an approved childcare provider in Sydney, enrolling your child with us makes you eligible for CCS, so you won’t have to shoulder the costs of childcare alone. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in giving your child a safe and enriching environment to grow — until they are back at home with you.